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Sewing Clips (50pcs)
Sewing Clips (50pcs)
Sewing Clips (50pcs)
Sewing Clips (50pcs)
Sewing Clips (50pcs)

Sewing Clips (50pcs)

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Yes, you can pin, but sewing clips ..
  • are fast and painless 
  • can hold layered sections without distortion
  • are not too big, they don't get in the way (size: 1" long * 0.4" wide)
  • have flat backs and flat sides - whatever you hold is held flat so that the hem or edge doesn't pucker or wrinkle up
  • have line markings on the bottom to help you place your clips
  • are easy to find when you drop them on the floor
  • are a great alternative to pins on a project where you don't want to use pins (laminate, leather, vinyl, silk, satin, ...)
  • are loved by quilters for clipping binding in place when preparing to sew it up

If you haven’t used them, you must. They will come in handy for so many things related to needlework.