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Never Ending Story
Never Ending Story
Never Ending Story

Never Ending Story

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FINISHED SIZES: 39” X 45”, 51” X 63”, 75” X 87”

Finished Block Size: 6″

Skill Level: Beginner

Got a bunch of scraps lying around? Turn them into a fun scrap quilt with tiny pieces, it might seem like a never ending quilt, but if you work on them between projects, they go together quickly!

Sizes 39” x 45” 51” x 63” 75” x 87”
A-    Light Green scraps 3/4yd 1 1/2yd 2 1/2yd
B-     Dark Green Scraps 1yd 1 3/4yd 2 3/4yd
C-     Light Purple scraps 1yd 1 1/2yd 2 1/2yd
D-    Dark Purple Scraps 3/4yd 1 1/4yd 2 1/4yd
E-     Purple border 1/4yd 1/2yd 3/4yd
Binding 1/3yd 1/2yd 3/4yd
Batting 43” x 49” 55” x 68” 79” x 91”
Backing 45” x 51” 57” x 70” 81” x 93”

Blocks can be made using the 6” QUBE set.

(Purple border is listed separately but is dark purple)


By Bea Lee –

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